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What is the best type of hair extensions to get????

22 September 2010 19:48


I have always worn clip in extensions but i want to try getting ones that lasy 4-6 months or even longer if possible as im getting tired of putting them in each day. what is the best type to get as i am really not sure at all? Also not too damaging either.

thanks xxx

23 September 2010 15:35

If your worried about damage then i would suggest micro rings. Single bonded is also good but can sometimes cause damage as you are having hot glue fused to your own hair. The sewn in ones will not last that long as the rows get slack as you hair grows x

24 September 2010 19:50

Tried every method and diffrent types of hair, and virgin russian hair is the best, and yes micro rings x

25 September 2010 06:17
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Quote from bonnie_wood
and virgin russian hair is the best,

PMSL .................... If that's not the marketing ploy of the decade I don't know what is.?  emoticonemoticon

( where is Bulky anyway.) emoticon


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29 September 2010 09:55

Pay decent money and you will get decent ones they cost to keep up though
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29 September 2010 10:05

i found all types anooying in the end sorry

micro ringls slipped out or loosend, sewn in ones never went up right the glued ones damaged my hair and i couldnt blow dry my hair and straightening was hell.

Managment of them was hard and expensive specialised shampoos and brushes constant care!!

in the end chop chop bye bye

I would say honestly if you can stick with the clip ins and they look good and natural keep them I payed £700 for mine they were good quality and well fitted but that didnt stop the negative sides to them.
I love it when you flex like that :P

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12 October 2010 04:08
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Stick with clip in ones! any other are a nightmare! trust me!

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12 October 2010 04:25

United Kingdom

Hi there - I am a hair extension specialist as well as being a part time model. The beat hair extensions to get are the RACOON hair extensions. The bonding is made from fruit extracts and does not damage the hair at all.
You can google them or check out their website on
Celebs such as Cheryl cole are currently using Racoon as it has been internationally voted the best hair extension range!
You can expect to pay anything between £400-£700 depending on the level of the hair stylist!
Hope this helps!

15 October 2010 18:11

do your research hun! like i did! iv tried every hair includeing russian/ balmain and every method, racoon shed so bad so you come out of the salon with thick full head then 2 weeks later have thin noticeable extentions! and plus the hair lasted a few months then you needed to get new hair same with balmain, were as iv had this same hair in nearly a year now (russian) (micro rings) and just go back every 4 months to have it tightened the hair is amazeing so healthy! yes i did pay out 1000 for the hair first to be fitted but then every 4 months now pay 400 for them tightening, before i was paying 800 every 3 months at the most at markhill salon for racoon hair, after 6 years of havein extentions and trying everything this is were i will stay! 100% tatiana hairextentions google them xxx

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03 November 2010 10:12

United Kingdom

Hey hun, i actually run a hair extensions company and personally id recommend micro rings over any other form of extensions they last brilliantly and as long as you have regular maintenance when your hair grows so they wont slide down your hair they last as long as your look after them

if you want any info and advice on them just give me a message xx

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