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Hair Weaves/extentions .... straight or wavy ..

14 September 2010 16:38

Hi girls,

just a quick question ..

now iv had hair weaved in before and only had good experiences .. but i always buy straight hair ..

iv seen it loads of times where you have the option to buy straight, body wave or deep wave ,...

i always buy straight because more often than not that how i have my hair and how it is naturally (ish)  .. but im sort of wavering now towards buying a body wave  set ..

im presuming that (going by the pics) that the deep wave is for really curly hair .. but would i be able to use a body wave set of extentions on my usually straightish hair ???.. to create a bit of body and life in the extentions so they are not so bluuuh .. as im not great with curling tongs or heated rollers , and if so .. would i be able to straighten them if need be and would they return to normal say after washing or whatever ...

im blabbing on now .. but just wanted to see if any one goes for that option ..

thanks xxx

love rach x

16 September 2010 08:11

Hi! I've always gone for straight but the last lot i had in was a body wave. My hair is naturally very straight but short. They blended lovely. The wave does fall out very easily unless you keep curling it and if you straighten it there is still a kink x

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