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Connecting to modelos profiles

Pixel8 Studio is off-lineSilver Member
13 September 2010 02:46
United Kingdom

With the risk of becoming a bore I still cannot link to models profiles when I put their pictures on my profile. I asked back in July and nothing happened. Being a studio means I cannot link for a reason I cannot imagine, however common sense tells me if a photographer is reading a models profile and clicks through to see what other members have that models pictures on their profile they will see they are available at a studio. Better still if they see a models picture on my profile and are able to click through to her profile they can book her individually if they want and not through the studio. Surely this is an advantage to all concerned so can I ask why its not been done?

I look frorward to a reply this time.


This matter has been brought up with Matt but it is not high on the priorities list as
many more important things concerning the smooth running of the site are taking up his development time.

Studio accounts are intended to be Secondary accounts for Photographers with hire studios
and should primarily contain images of sets and facilities not models.
The place to link Models is the Photographer's primary account.

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