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mua cost?

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15 October 2010 18:32
Make-up Artist

United Kingdom

A link for all make-up artists and other freelancers who are puzzled about rates and how much to charge for day/halfday/hourly rates go to:


"like" on facebook to recieve make-up job alerts!!/pages/London-United-Kingdom/Lina-Make-Up-Artist/142568492441385

15 October 2010 18:49

Quote from joniwarr
Im new to modelling and havent used a make up artist before. Can anyone give me an idea of how to go about it and maybe some idea of the cost?

Don't assume a makeup artist will do hair too. Many don't.

17 October 2010 04:38

Quote from MarkG
Don't assume a makeup artist will do hair too. Many don't.

Mark, when is your most excellent Gina from sunny Dartford joining the elustrious ranks of Purestorm?  Apart from being good at the touching up, she was a nice person, good 'people skills', I thought.

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