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How much would you pay??

31 August 2010 13:15

Hey guys,

I've just started up a small mobile nail business (aswell as having a full-time job of 42 hours per week) where im painting peoples nail in all kinds of really great designs with flowers and gems and all sorts of things stuck on...and ive been around a few of the nail bars in my area and people do like to charge a fortune for a bit of nail polish! I just wondered as most of you are girls, how much would you pay for a long lasting really pretty nail art design on your own natural nails, without having to travel? As the first few i did were friends and family, i just told them to pay me what they thought it was worth, and have been paid anything from £8 - £15 just for one set of painted fingernails!! I obviously need to set a price and to stick to it so i just wondered if you could help and give me your opinions and how much you would pay as I dont want to seem to cheap but then dont want to charge over the odds! Thanks!!!


31 August 2010 14:00


First of all i think having nail art done on your own natural nails is a great idea!
I like to get nail extensions done for special occassions only and although they look great, my nails are left in a right mess when they are removed.
I pay £30 for a full set of nail extensions which includes fancy nail art on top of that.
If i was getting nail art straight on to my natural nails i wouldn't pay as much as £30 because in my opinion nail extensions last longer. My natural nails have more chance of breaking, therefore ruining the nail art.
I would say £15-£20 would be a reasonable price to pay for what you would be offering.
Obviously i don't know how much it costs you for all the equipment etc so you would need to take that into consideration so you can make a profit.

I hope you manage to sort something out and you should show off some of your nail art on here, would love to see it.

Beauty is within the eye of the beholder!

31 August 2010 15:48

Hey, thanks for the reply, I'll definitly post some pics up! As soon as I do the next set of nails I'll make sure I take a photo and get it straight on here. Just got some new decorative bits to stick on so hopefully the next one will want those and you can see the full extent of what I can do! Thanks again!

31 August 2010 16:04

About £100 because it must be labour intensive and you have to consider your travelling time and the unique skill involved.

Jaymii is off-line
31 August 2010 16:16
United Kingdom

I dcharge for a basic colour, then add extra onto that,
i.e for a simple pink and white £12, then add £1.50 per nail for extra designs or gems etc.

I would say that £100 seems abit much
Really good idea though, good luck with the new venture x

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31 August 2010 18:19

United Kingdom

Well done for starting your own business, and good luck with your new venture I like the entreprunerial spirit, so many people spend their time moaning but don`t concider going out and making something of themselves, it`s refreshing to see and I wish you well
I know nothing about nails but do have a small clue about business, what your asking here is excellent market research which should give you a guide as to what some of your potential customers are willing to pay. So far anything between £12 and £20 per job sounds about the mark. Your terminology is correct, your starting a small business and you need to treat it as such. Too cheap and you`ll run around working all hours (prob be very popular) but wondering why you aren`t making any money, too expensive and you`ll get no work.
At the same time as doing market research your hopefully doing your own homework into your costs, eg what value you put on your own time (£5/10/20 per hour, don`t forget travelling time), what each job will cost in materials (polish, files, other consumables, averaged out over several jobs), travel cost (again averaged out over several jobs, what area`s you`ll travel to, poss business use on your car ins, parking costs, fuel etc), advertising (some is free eg gumtree standard ad`s, not sure if purestorm rules would allow you to PM local models offering your service maybe ask mods, however newspaper advertising is expensive but poss lucrative as a wedding job may bring you a number of custs in one hit), tax (unpopular i know but unless you make provision for this you`ll get stung as one day the taxman will come knocking). These are just afew poss costs i`ve dreamed up, you`ll know your true costs, be realistic about them. On a plus side also look into any grants that maybe available (there`s many different start up grants that may be available especially to a young person and don`t assume your not eligable just because your already working, research, ask and see).
So many business`s don`t really know if they`re viable or not as they don`t know their true costs. This is true of business`s turning over afew pounds a week up to some very big business`s. Know what it really costs you to do your work, charge more than this without pricing yourself out of the market and your on a winner
Hope this helps abit and again good luck

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