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Epsom Salts

26 December 2010 15:37

Quote from Tathiel
These sound interesting. How do they actually work? Sounds like it would be good for me as I suffer from DOMS quite frequently from the gym especially in my hamstrings, calves and shoulders. I am quite sensitive down below though and certain shower gels and bath products can give me thrush and in worse cases cystitus (im unfortuantly prone to both) so would these epsom salts be likely to cause either?

These are acutallly very good for muscle aches and pains and meant to draw out impurities and toxins. like you, And im also very sensitive to bath products and a couple of times after i used them i got thrush. But best bet is to google them or ask in hollandnand barrett. My boyfriend thinks there great for his back and do work. Maybe not soaking female bits in them is wise. as it is a sensitive area

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