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Nude images not showing up in public

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21 August 2010 16:58


I was wondering if PS had any plans that would enable users to hide topless and nude images from the general public if required as is possible on other websites?

If this were imposed I know for a fact I and many more models would add many more nude images to my profile. I am deterred at the moment as my full profile is visible to any public member who does a google search.

I know that the biggest model site in France even uses a password system for nude images section that can be given on request to potential clients. This site is hugely popular and I believe has more members than PS. I realise not everybody would want to enable this option but surely it should be a choice that paying members should be able to make?


Comment : Purestorm currently has NO plans to introduce 'nudity filtering' on members' portfolios
The basic premise of this Portfolio Hosting site is that all images should be visible to all viewers.
We also do not wish the stigma often associated with having Adult Image logos on a site's pages
plus having 'members only' images encourages false account sign-ups to see what they are missing.

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