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21 August 2010 13:12

Name: Sofia_Matthews


I seem to have a problem the last fortnight when using the Search tab of the Email section to look for emails.

I have been able to use this facility previously with no problems but recently it has given me a blank page with the words;

'The data area passed to a system call is too small.'

I am not sure if this information is helpful and apologies for copying and pasting it into this email if it is not at all helpful.

I hope you can rectify the Search facility for me to use. I have tried using different browsers and different length usernames when searching for emails.

Kind regards,

Unexpectedly available in Newcastle today, Monday 30th June 2012. Top level is solo-continental, all levels & rates placed in my castings.

matt is a moderatorPlatinum Member
23 August 2010 06:13
United Kingdom
East Sussex

This problem has now been fixed
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