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Opening Purestorm Homepage pictures

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19 August 2010 06:06
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The Purestorm Homepage has a helpful series of new images of models near the top. Until fairly recently, the related profile would open in a different window when the image was left clicked. Now, left clicking takes me away from the Homepage* - which I don't want to happen - and there is no right click option to enable me to use a new window or tab instead.

Also, hovering the cursor over the image used to show the model or tog name for the related profile, but that no longer happens either.

Is this a configuration issue on my account (or Explorer etc), or an unwelcome change in the way the site operates?

Thanks for any advice


Comment : This is a technical change which Matt had to introduce for a specific reason
Note that more detail and a new window function is available on the Latest Images page which is just one click away.

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21 August 2010 16:54
United Kingdom
East Sussex

You could hold down the shift key* while clicking one of the images and that will open it in a new window for you

*Comment: Or try holding down Ctrl when clicking on a Gallery image to open in a new window.
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