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Model Log In Details

Markoh is off-line
07 August 2010 02:16

United Kingdom

The current detail for model visits shows when they joined, updated their profiles and their last visit.

Is it possible to add a detail of their 3 latest visits?

I usually search for "most recently visited" to find current working models.

However on several occassions I have found a model who just happened to have visited a couple of days beforehand, not having visited for weeks or months.

As a result, a model who is an occassional visitor gets an shoot invitation, which remains unopened or un answered for a dogs age.

Showing three (or more) most recent visits would give an indication of how frequently the model logged in.

The more frequently he/she logs in, the more likely they are to accept projects.

This has happend to me with the last 4 models i've offered shoots to.

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