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31 July 2010 16:49

Sit ups don't do anything for a flat crunches instead. Doing sit ups allows your stomach to relax for a longer period of time in between each sit up, if that makes any sense but by doing crunches your stomach is contantly working.
Dosn't really matter what time of the day you do them.
As long as you have a good breakfast in the morning and eat well (as in the right kinds of food) during the day you should have enough energy to do your crunches any time of the day but as said by someone else, don't just rely on sit ups/crunches.
You need to lose any fat you have around your stomach before you can achieve a toned stomach.
Any sort of cardio work would be a good place to start then concentrate on toneing up.
Beauty is within the eye of the beholder!

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