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Hair extensions...advice please!

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20 August 2010 12:24

My housemate had hers weaved and it looked so amazing. It hurt getting done and,was uncomfortable fot a few days but she loved it. I'm not a hairdresser but I helped her to remove them and it was a pretty hassle free job.
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22 August 2010 18:21

I paid £900 for my hair extensions and I love them, they are so amazing and beautiful. I would say go for the ones that get put in with wee metal bits. They cannot come out, mine last for 6 months so it means I only need to get them done twice a year.emoticon
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22 August 2010 18:29
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Quote from NaughtyNatalie2010
 I love them, they are so amazing and beautiful. .

Have you got an image of them for us to see please.? emoticon


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23 August 2010 20:23

Well if you click on my profile you can see them silly! emoticon
I'm the girl who makes people look twice.

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