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19 September 2010 15:13
United Kingdom
Dumfries and Galloway

Quote from DJPhotos
Dab your ankles with citrus, that normally keeps the fleas away.

Good to know!  I barely ever get bitten, BUT in the last month, our two cats picked up fleas and I have been their personal snack table.  Sadly took a little while before we worked out it was fleas (which we are now in the process of getting rid of), but they are stubborn little buggers!

19 September 2010 15:16

Quote from monstersnowman
 I was reliably told that Avon make a product called 'Skin So Soft' which is supposedly great at repelling the little beasties and is used by some people in the armed forces, but they call it 'Triple S'. )

Thats true, my boyfriend uses it and it seems to work.

However, I still get bitten. All over
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Monstersnowman is off-line
19 September 2010 15:50
United Kingdom

so basically if you're f**ked you're f**ked .. I have tried all kinds of stuff and the chemical and herbal natural stuff dont work in equal measure - havent tried my own Triple S suggestion so it may work on me and not someone else or vice versa .. maybe spraying myself with flykiller .. not sure how my blood toxicology report will look after using that a few times tho (
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