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Getting rid of black hair!

10 August 2010 13:43

Quote from kristienc36
Aahh okay, thanks for your suggestions, I guess you are all right. Another question I have is, what foods / hair products will make my hair shiny and sleek again? I seem to be lacking something from my diet as its no longer as sleek and shiny as it was

Food doesn't affect your hair in the short term.  All the hair on your head is dead - you can make it look a bit better condition by using products on it, but in the long term you need to change your diet to include more healthy food and lots of water.

The reason your hair is no longer sleek and shiny is because you dye it.  Since the hair is already dead, it has no blood flow, everything you do to it, every batch of hair dye you use, every time you put crap in it, it makes it a little bit more messed up.  That is why short hair looks so shiny and healthy - it is constantly being renewed so it doesn't get horrid and long with rats tails.

For now, go to the hairdressers and ask for a good deep conditioning treatment.  My place recommends them every other month for people who dye their hair.  It's not that expensive either.  But for the longer term take a good look at your diet and swap out anything junky for health foods.  It'll take months to start to show a difference, but it will eventually.

Bleaching my hair ruined mine - and mine was only two inches long at the time!  It went so thin and horrid, I am just glad I keep it short enough that after a few weeks I could just cut all the bleach out and start again.  I don't think I'd ever bleach it out again, it just made my hair feel so yukky.  My hairdresser warned me, but I went ahead anyway.  Oh well, you have to make stupid mistakes for yourself!

Just let it grow out naturally, your hair will thank you for it!
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10 August 2010 14:03
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Hi i have gone from black to blonde and it took several lifts to get it out and even then its still not finished as some under neath is stil slight orangey. The best thing u can do is lift it to an orange stage the night before really slather it in conditioner i reccommned aussie miracle reconstructor leave it in over night and then rinse in the morning, then if ur going to go brown i recomend brown with a slight red tint else u risk going green putting colour on that quick. and again remember to condition the way to tell if ur hair is over processed when bleaching is if it goes ropey and like elastic u must stop at this point and let it rest or u risk losing hair. To blonde my hair i used b blonde by jerome russel they sell high ligt bleach and u will need the 40% vol peroxide tht goes with it!! hope this is of help

15 August 2010 14:24

buy head and shoulders and use this to strip the colour down, it is quiet harsh and will help remove build up , then go to the hairdressers and they will strip your hair colour then follow by putting a tint on to help even the colours tone.

hope this helps

15 August 2010 16:39

Boots does this hair colour remover for about 10 pound and it works well on the first colour or so.. will lighten it up ready for brown

18 August 2010 16:40

I finally tried the Boots Colour B4 that's been mentioned here to strip out the black dye from my From Rita to Dita shoot and guess what? I'm now a red head. Luckily my togs and my husband really like it!

So the moral of the story is use the Colour B4 if you don't mind ending up a red head....
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18 August 2010 17:29

I think its different for everyone, mine ended up a mousey like brown.
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