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Holland & Baratt tanning piss (PILLS)

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10 July 2010 19:08
United Kingdom

I have been temted to use the pills, but ive been on the injection nearly a year now. Not ott, but got a nice colour. Message me if you want any info - throughly researched it :-) x
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19 July 2010 15:52

Hi there. I have used tanning pills and they did not work for me ( a load of iloveshopping_09 is a naughty person ) tbh they are a food supplement so they stop you from eating. xx

30 July 2010 15:59

I finally got my hands on some and used them on holiday, only got 1 day of sun, the weather was terrible! but i darkened much more than i usually do, normally i just burn! So they get the thumbs up from me..

Food supplament? I ate like a pig!

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