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Sore throat :(

17 June 2010 02:16

I've had a sore throat for a few days now but today I've woken up with it being severely swollen, can't sleep, can't speak and can barely breathe. I think I have drank three bottles of water and only been awake half an hour. I used to suffer with tonsilitis a lot when I was younger. I've had to cancel a shoot, and I've had to call in sick to work.

Other than going to the doctor and getting a prescription, what other remedies can I buy? Is there any foods that relieve it, or drink? etc..

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17 June 2010 02:22

It sounds horrible and doesn't taste great either, but gargle with TCP dilute it with water, and then just gargle it works a treat.

Also, drinking orange juice or warm ribena. Lots of vitamin C.

Hope it helps
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17 June 2010 02:25

Ooh thanks I have great remedies for colds just not sore throats haha, thanks
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Steven Jardine is off-linePlatinum Member
17 June 2010 02:45
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Were you eating/drinking anything the night before?

I discovered a few years ago that I'm particularly allergic to lime juice (although all citrus juices cause irritation). I had a lemon/lime late one summer evening and woke up in the middle of the night almost choking to death as my throat has swollen up - horrible, couldn't breathe and there was fluid on the back of my throat I couldn't cough up.
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17 June 2010 02:55

Oooh, nasty!! No, I've had a sore throat for a few days now it just got dramatically worse overnight but thanks anyway
*La la la la la, I can't hear you.*

17 June 2010 03:15

It must be doing its rounds, i came back from down south with an extremley sore throat, exactly the same couldnt eat or talk. Ive been drinking plenty of water. and gargling or trying too with Oraldine mouthwash the stuff you use at dentist. You will be able to buy it in most chemists, i got mine from asda, it seems to be helping slightly. but now i have a cough.

Just get plenty of rest and fluids. and some cold fruitpastels ice lollies.

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