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How to become a MUA

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14 June 2010 13:21


I have read a few threads on here but I am still unsure, so  I am after some advice, please. 

Firstly, I will of finished college as from the end of  June, and I want to do a MUA course. I have looked into, and most seem to be in London, I don't really want to have to travel/live there until I have done the course. Although I have looked into local ones, there really isn't that much that I can find in the Midlands. 

From it you get the following qualifications : 

Qualification 1: Beauty Make-Up professional Diploma Beauty Make-Up Diploma entitling you to use the letters "SAC Dip" after your name.

Qualification 2: NCFE Level 3 Beauty Make-up Professional AwardThis Course leads to an NCFE Level 3 Award Certificate for successful learners. That means that it is independently accredited at a level of learning equivalent to level 3 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can read more about NCFE and our awarding bodies here: Awards

Can anyone give me advice if these are recognised qualifications for being an MUA?? 

Would a home course be a suitable way of learning ? I am very capable of doing loads of different styles of make up, to what I think is already a good standard. - My make up on my profile is all done by myself. 

Any advice would be greatly received.  

Thanks in advance xxx

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Honey Rox is off-lineSilver Member
30 August 2010 14:24
United Kingdom

Hey this sounds like a great course and I am also trying to find an MUA course, any advice would be great please Thank you xx

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31 August 2010 06:28
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31 August 2010 06:54
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Keep in mind that any qualification you achieve should be acceptable for insurance purposes if you are thinking of freelancing.

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31 August 2010 08:41

Just as an aside, as important to becoming an MUA as the creative and educational side is the business side: * Do I need to offer hair too? * How much is insurance? * How much is kit? * What kind of work will I do and what kind of work CAN I do (lots of fashion in London, but less elsewhere, for example)? * How much do I need to earn from it and what rates should I charge> * How will I develop a portfolio? * How will I get enough clients? etc... Just thought I'd mention all of this in the hope it's useful Good luck

18 October 2010 10:47


I have just returned from an exhbition in Manchester with my wife who wants to do a similar MUA course as you discribe.  We have found a place in Stcokport that does recognised/certifcated courses...check out their website as see if it's any good for you.

Seems like a very professional setup have a look..

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29 October 2010 17:47
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United Kingdom

You can do make-up courses at lots of colleges, they usually last one - two years and the qualifications will be recognised . You'll be able to find lots of work experience while your doing the course to

Some places offer short courses (6 weeks - 12 weeks I think) but these can end up costing loads of money.

hope this helps xx

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