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Any MUA'S who can help with my question

11 June 2010 13:11


I was just wondering which course is the best to go on to become a make up artist? there are so many out there and they all vary in prices. Which is the best accredited course?

Thank you
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Sian Jeffries-Jones is off-line
22 June 2010 20:31
Make-up Artist

United Kingdom
South Yorkshire


there really isn't a "best" course - one person will recommend the school they went someone else will say no no thats not the best mine is, it comes down to individual taste.  Personally I am doing a BA degree at Bradford and for me this is fine but someone else might hate the structure.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses, work out which area of make up you are most interested in, get lots of prospectus' and do research - find out if you are able to talk to any former students of schools you are considering as well.

I know its not really an answer for you but hopefully it helps.


TheMakeupArtist is off-line
26 June 2010 14:04
Make-up Artist

United Kingdom

I'd highly recommend the Academy of Freelance make-up

They've got a new freelance tutor for every day of the course and you get to assist make-up artists and do London Fashion week etc once you've completed the course. Check the website out!


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