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Bum, legs and abs!

13 June 2010 13:18

i find i could do(in theory) 1000 sit up and crunches every day, but if I wasn't doing any cardio to burn up the layer of "puppy fat" in front of my ab muscles then its just a waste of time.

The minimum amount of exercise you should do to keep fit and lose weight is 20 mins high-med intensity, 3 times a week.

want quicker result, up the intensity and the time, or add another day in the week. just make sure you eat enough energy to actually do the exercise!

13 June 2010 13:32
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Sometimes stepping out of the box that everyone else is in with local gyms and standard machines could be a better answer.
A leg stretching machine like the one shown here: could be used at home in front of the tv, or you could join a gymnastics class or yoga/martial arts.
Just a thought.
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14 June 2010 03:49

Hi there,

I really dont like gyms myself , i tend to find it is better running and doing crunches 3-4 times a week .

Good Luck !


02 July 2010 06:44


I haved danced most of my life and whilst studying dance i had to attend the gym 3x/week but in all honesty, i didn't really use the machines much.
I did alot of floor work which helped my bum, legs and abs and much more.
I found that working in pairs can be more helpful as it allows you to do more kind of floor exercises.
Don't do sit ups though...waste of time, if you want to improve your abs, try crunches.
Ask a trainer who works in the gym if they can go over some floor exercises with you but if that doesn't help i would suggest attending aerobics and/or pilates as i belive they work you harder than the machines in the gym.
Hope this has helped a little.
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02 July 2010 07:13

United Kingdom

OK, bizarre but this also helps. Stand up straight feet about shoulder width apart. Breathe in slowly but deeply. Now when your chest is fully expanded tense your stomach muscles. Breathe out slowly whilst keeping your stomach tense. Take shallow breaths but keep your stomach tight. Keep doing this as long as you can (try doing it in about 4 5 minute blocks).

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