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Bum, legs and abs!

07 June 2010 07:59


I recently joined a gym for the first time everrrr. I need to work on my stomach, thighs and bum the most, all else is well. What machines should I use and how long for? How often? I'm useles sorry

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07 June 2010 08:12

Try the treadmill. I do prefer using a treadmill to running outdoors. there easier on your joints than pounding the pavements. Try also the bike this will give you a firm tooshy aswell. Ive heard rowing machines are good. But i think there only going to target your legs and arms and back really.
If stopped running now though as it tends to bulk my legs which i hated . I prefer my moutain bike now.

I used to use the treadmill for an hour. that was running over 7 mile at  certain speed on treadmill. Just do which ever you feel comfortable or switch between machines. not really sure how long you should spend on them. i just do what i feel i can manage

07 June 2010 08:21

Well at the minute I am doing a bit of everything, I do 5 minutes on everything in the cardio bit (as Im pretty unfit and cant manage much more at the minute) then do the same in abs and same in the weights bit. I do about an hour and half in total when I go. Im booking a programme with a trainer though so hopefully that will help
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07 June 2010 11:45

Ask the trainer to do you a plan based on your goals.
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07 June 2010 11:55

5 minutes it's not enough, really. I myself was gym unfit when started going in UK, but 5 minutes it's not enough for your body to adapt and work right group of muscles. 10-20 minutes is way to go.

Also on't forget that first 20 minutes of exercises is worming up, as your body is basically sleeping. So I would recommend start with treadmill and do about 30 mins fast walking, then move to other bits.

I find row very good tho, it does work on your abs as well when you do it properly, tho I damaged my back recently and can't do it anymore (((

For bum and upper legs use "leg rolls" (leg curls), they usually come in pairs and are awesoooome. Your gym also should have classic abs machines (in pairs again) - don't take much time and really work your belly.

But at the end of the day - do ask your trainer
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07 June 2010 12:20

5 mins on anything isn't enough - that's not even a warm up. Don't go flat out, but you need to get your heartrate up if you want to burn any fat. A decent warm up should take you about 20 mins.

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07 June 2010 12:25
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Lots of gyms give you a free trial with a personal trainer when you sign up. If it's not offered, ask (sometimes some companies are not very forthcoming with 'offers' or 'freebies').
That will give you a far better idea and much more insight than any of us sat behind out computers.

Personal trainers are great (even if I spent most of my time fantasising about her untimely death, as I enjoyed our sessions about as much as Chinese water torture), as well as helping you work specifically on certain 'problem areas', he/she will stop you causing damage to yourself/using the machines wrongly.

Do remember to try and pick an exercise(S) you actually like, and will keep up. My problem is I get very bored easily, especially with monotony of gym classes, etc

Good luck!!.

07 June 2010 13:48

The thing is there are like a hundred different things in that gym, and when I say 5 minutes I mean, doing my ultimate best at everything. I know its not enough but like I say, I dont know what to do really . I do run/walk about 3-6 miles a day. I walk to and from work. I do situps and have a exercise bike at home too.
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09 June 2010 05:12

Treadmills are horrible!!! (imho)

Get your butt on a stationary bike. To get your fitness up, don't go mental but stay on it for 20mins (max) even if you're cycling slowly, keep going. Also swimming is great, terribly underrated!!

I'm quite anti-machines as they are more for vanity body building as opposed to something useful (but i digress)

There should be members of staff hanging around in the gym. Don't be afraid to go have a chat with them.

This is just my opinion of course, but free weights are your friend. As is a swiss (gym/fitness etc.) ball. Squats and lunges will help tone up the muscles in your thigh and bum and to a lesser extent your lower back and lower abdomen as you concentrate on holding your core and maintain correct posture through the movement.

Old school crunches for your tummy i'm afraid! But think about your situps...if you're "sitting up" all the way to the point where there's no "pain/sensation" in your midriff that's not a situp and you're putting unnecessary strain on your coccyx (tail bone). I tend to roll up a small towel thinly and place it in the small of my back if i'm doing them on the floor/gym mat. You needn't raise you back higher than maybe 3/4 inches off the floor. Keep your shoulders off the floor so you don't *thud* back down.

I prefer situps on a swiss ball though as there is so much more scope to do more (with dumbells too if one was so inclined). Leg raises are good for your lower ab section too.

How many reps (repetitions) do you do in a set? - How many do you do consecutively before you need a breather? Definitely something to consider and rectify. raises (don't lock your knees out when doing this) for your calves :-)

sorry for the continuous blurb...too much redbull already...
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Catherine is off-lineSilver Member
09 June 2010 07:22
United Kingdom
West Midlands

If the gyms not being helpful try getting some of the fitness magazines which are full of tips and workouts.I prefer the American ones as they are more hardcore but the British ones should be ok such as Ultrafit,Womens fitness.

You need to warm up for about 20 minuets and stretch. Doing 5 minuets on the the bike ,rower or treadmill with a number of repetitions and a couple of minuets rest in between is actually good if you do it flat out and really raise your heart rate. Its whats recommended for weight loss known as H.I.T high intensity training.

Sqauts with weights or using the leg press machines will be good for your backside.

For abs you need to do a variety of exercises to work all the different stomach muscles.Crunches are good as kitten said but it puts less strain in on your back and hip flexors if you raise your kness 90 degress by putting your lower legs on a bench or swiss ball. The plank is good for the abs as are leg raises ( start these gradually say ten at a time ,we do 25-50 at kickboxing but you won't be able to at first)

Rowing is a good all over exercise ,I usually do this to warm up.
I love my kettle bells .You can also use a dumbell ,stand with legs apart holding it in both hands and swing to head height and back and do 10-20 reps and work up to heavier weights.

I don't bother with the treadmill ,I'd rather run on the roads.

I would recommend doing a regular class. Kickboxing and Boxercise is great for fitness and self defence. I can teach both so I'm biased.I have been a runner for 30 years but have a prolased disk so have been advused to do less high impact stuff which is annoying as running is the best for weight loss.

I also think a gym ball would be a good investment (you can get them for £5 upwards at Argos) There's a good core workout using one in a new magazine called Bodyfit I bought a smiths yesterday.

Theres also a lot of home workouts on the telly if you have digital. Danni Levy who used to have an account on ps has a program on LA tv but not sure if its still on.I'll check or ask her on facebook.

I'm not a personal trainer (can't afford it ) but read a lot.
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