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Help finding a good MUA

Mya is off-line
25 May 2010 09:52

United Kingdom
West Yorkshire

I was wondering if any of you could give some tips on picking an MUA, I've never used one before and I'm getting married and I'm not sure what I should be asking or any kind of guidelines on prices.
I've also found the shops that would offer this service in the area I am getting married prefer to do it how they want rather than what I'd want, so if anyone can offer any tips I'd be very grateful.

Victoria Howard is off-line
26 May 2010 18:22
Make-up Artist

I know both Second Skin and Claire Louise Shipman are very good MUAs on this site.
I'm not sure if they cover your area, if not look for someone like them, same qualifications, insurance, references and good portfolio. Ask the MUA about how they clean their kits, their ideas, they should show an interest in you, your skin type, facial shapes and your ideas.

Karen Hegarty is off-line
28 May 2010 05:25
Make-up Artist
United Kingdom

There are lots more very good MUA's on this site other than 2! Obviously if you would like bridal make up it's probably to check if there is someone close to your area. They should offer you a trial first of all and explain the procedure. They should take time to listen to what you want and offer suggestions and advise.
I have done bridal make up for nearly 15 years but afraid I'm not near your area, but if I can help out with any questions or advise pm me I'm happy to help

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