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16 May 2010 14:22
United Kingdom
East Sussex

Purestorm offers internet portfolio hosting for amateur and professional models, model photographers and make-up artists.

We are aware that in addition to photographic modelling a small number of our model and photographer members may be involved outside of this site in various aspects of the Sex / Adult Industry.

Such involvement does not specifically preclude Purestorm membership and all we ask is that
members participating in those specific areas which are prohibited by this site's Terms of use do not bring that side of their life or business onto Purestorm's forums, casting calls or internal messaging system.
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08 January 2018 09:44

United Kingdom
East Sussex

 This thread is again drawn to members' attention - and specifically Clause 16 of the Terms of use
16. Members are not permitted to promote or advertise in any way activities that involve sexual contact between photographers and models as part of shoots (often termed "gonzo" or "point of view" ).  
In addition Members are also not permitted to promote or advertise for
work that includes sexual contact between male and female; whether clothed or un-clothed.

Members who engage in these styles of work or activities, through the forums* or the internal messaging system,
will have their memberships cancelled.

* Forums include the Casting Calls & Workshops areas.

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