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Can photographers have Chaperones?

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16 January 2010 16:34
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Ok I am all for models and their chaperones, and I would feel a liitle wary If a male photographer had one if shooting myself, however, I am a female photographer and use to model myself! and I have had a few males request tfcd from me. I need refs of them? I mean as I cant afford studio costs I`ve been working from home or on location "alone" and accepting to work with them would pu me alone with them? I`m not going to say there completely sane..who can really tell? haha

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Moderator Comment : The use of 'chaperones' is well covered in these threads:-
~§~ Chaperones / Macaroons ~§~
There is nothing to prevent either photographers or models or MUAs requesting or refusing one.
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