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Rock Band / Guitar Hero / Band Hero / DJ Hero

squodge photography is off-line
24 November 2009 18:29
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United Kingdom

Okay peeps, some of you may have played these games.

I'm looking for people to jam with me, either on the PS3 network (my PSN is squodge4) or who'd like to come visit me in SE London (Deptford/New Cross, zone 2). I can offer a cooked meal. Ideally, I'm looking for three gamers so we can be a "full band". Get in touch!

The games I have:
Rock Band 1&2
Rock Band Metal Track Pack
The Beatles Rock Band
Lego Rock Band (coming in week's time)
Guitar Hero Aerosmith
Guitar Hero Metallica
Guitar Hero World Tour
Guitar Hero Greatest Hits
Guitar Hero 5
Band Hero
DJ Hero

~ squodge ~
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Lysander is off-lineSilver Member
26 November 2009 11:39
United Kingdom
West Midlands

Your playing the wrong versions of the game.

Try these instead.

Rock Band Roadie.

Rock Band Manager.

Rock Band A&R.

Rock Band Groupie.

Rock Band Journalist.

Rock Band Photographer.

Rock Band Ligger.

Rock Band Girlfriend.

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