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Fraudster Posing As Purestorm Co-owner

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24 November 2009 05:30

United Kingdom
West Sussex

It has been drawn to our attention that yet another fraudster is claiming to own Purestorm.
This low life has been contacting models on another site and claiming to be Matt's business partner.

For the record neither Matt nor Purestorm's (female) co-owner contact models through other sites.

The fraudster, believed to be linked with a model on this site, has twice been refused PS membership

once as a male make-up artist and once as a hire studio owner claiming to be an agency

as it was patently obvious that he was a chancer - plus he used different names each time on sign-up.

As a fraud investigation is currently underway we cannot presently name him

but even a quick glance at his freebie website should be sufficient evidence that he is a fake.

If any model is externally contacted by somebody purporting to own Purestorm please Contact us

Note also that Purestorm does NOT recruit new models through a Myspace or Bebo page.


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