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Body Painting Shoot in Bristol

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19 November 2009 06:27

Friday 27th November Body Painting Evening.

I have a group of 5 or maybe 6 body artists doing a body painting day in the studio these include MMM_WOW_Bodypainter, coloursthekey and Mel the three artists at the last day.

In the evening there are places available for photographers to shoot the results using the main studio and the white room with infinity curve.

At present the models are

Sarah (see the studio model register)

Places are available for up to five photographers each session.

1st session       5.50 to 7.20      2 sold
2nd session      7.30 to 9.00      3 sold

You will be able to photograph all the models using both the studio's

Price is 40 per session or 75 for both.

Pictures taken at last Body Painting Day

Painting byMel

Painting by coloursthekey

Painting by MMM_WOW_Bodypainter
David Radford happy to consider the odd tfcd shoot

20 November 2009 13:50

2 more places gine.

1st session       5.50 to 7.20      3 left
2nd session      7.30 to 9.00      2 left
David Radford happy to consider the odd tfcd shoot

23 November 2009 19:36

Change to model line up.

Karina85 can not make it but will be replaced by Franka

David Radford happy to consider the odd tfcd shoot

Artemis Fauna is off-lineSilver Member
23 November 2009 19:39
United Kingdom
Great Barford

Just so people know I am the mysterious 'Sarah' ...(inacase you couldn't find me)...

Hope to see you on the day! emoticon

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

25 November 2009 15:19

Another place taken but still have 2 for each session available.

There will also be a male model being painted so a great chance for all you female photographers.

Lorant is a model friend of Franka and is in the UK staying with her so she has asked if he could be painted even if she is reduced from model to making tea.

Of course if the hard working artists have time they may be able to still paint her so you could get an extra model.
David Radford happy to consider the odd tfcd shoot

25 November 2009 18:46

Another slot gone

1st session 5.50 to 7.20 2 left
2nd session 7.30 to 9.00 1 left
David Radford happy to consider the odd tfcd shoot

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