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body painting courses......

21 October 2009 16:12
Make-up Artist
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id love to be able to do body painting and there are alot of options regarding courses but is there any that anyone can reccomend??

cheers girlies xxx

Tracy Kane is off-line
22 October 2009 08:36
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United Kingdom

I know Carolyn Cowan does courses at £500 per day in London

22 October 2009 15:27
Make-up Artist

Hi there

Courses like everything vary a great deal, there are so many aspects to bodypainting, and it is very much a case of working out EXACTLY what you want to learn and then looking for the course that will fit your personal requirements.

Quite often the best in the world give lessons , but it is all according to your budget and what skills you want to learn.

Another way of learning is to team up or assist a bodypainter and learn hands on , then develop your own  style from there.

Also look out for postings on here for pro bodypainting days that are put on where you can come along and either join in or watch or team up with someone and gain experience in that way.

Also get along to top quality competitions and watch the best competitng, note the different styles techniques etc you will be suprised at how much you can pick up from someone just by watching

The world of bodypainting, is a world on its own and most within it are willing to share emoticon

Pm me if you want a more detailed explanation of whats going on where and who is giving instructions and where.


PS. the offer of answering pms on bodypainting questions  is open to anyone , especially if they feel they dont want to air what they are looking for in public

Victoria Howard is off-line
22 October 2009 19:35
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Or Juliet eve, London based, and 10th best in the world (one of the winners at Austria last year), is lovely, I have worked with her on a job for Christian christian Audigier and shes a Fab artist her, and really nice person, she has showed me how to do loads of stuff. 
This is her FP web site but she has another somewhere, cant remember what for body painting,

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