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Whats wrong with chaperones??? - [ i.e. I haven't bothered to read all the other topics on this subject ]

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12 July 2010 02:59
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Quote from kirstynsheriff

Why is it that people are so against chaperones?
This world is not perfect and with so many weirdos out
there surely people would rather we were safe than sorry!!!!!!

Happy to have chaperones  emoticon
So which bit do I look through???

12 July 2010 03:09

Quote from Tidal_Kitten
Wtf....Why resurrect a thread that's been rightfully put at bay for so many months? You're not even remotely funny...


Good way to get on a photographers to avoid list.
Whatever I've just posted... Felicity Fatale agrees with me.

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31 October 2010 22:36

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I have just recently done a shoot with a chaperone and in actual fact it made the shoot better, it made the photographer more confident that i was relaxed and act in a more confident manner he also asked my boyfriend if he had any ideas for the shoot and involved him and as a result we got some amazing images he has also suggested my boyfriends joins in on some of the shoots he had ideas for, because of the levels of confidence between all three parties being me myself and the photographer the shoot probably went to a higher level than the photographer was expecting from a first shoot with me but then we are talking about a photographer that acted like a gentlemen and was willing to discuss the shoot over a cup of tea beforehand to get too no us and due to the way the shoot went he is more than happy to work with me again and has already asked me if we can work again soon. 
I can also understand some photographers issues with a chaperone but think that the issue is more with the chaperone not being happy about what the model is doing in the first place especially if the chaperone is a boyfriend as some are jealous and read more into a situation and also have issues with the model being a model aswell as some chaperones being annoying and peering over your shoulder or trying to take there own photos, I agree that is a no no but no all chaperones are bad my dad or boyfriend have always stayed well out of the way apart from on location shoots ie offering there assitants with carrying things etc but when the shoot is going on they stay well out of the way. if anyone would like to speak to the photographer private message me and i am more than happy to give you his pure storm number. I am only providing these details for any photographers that have issues with chaperones as a model working with no chaperone it could work in reverse for both model and photographer with the confidence levels. And on a personal level being reasonably knew to the modelling business working with knowledge thast i am completely safe has made me feel alot more confident and relaxed to work as the photographer would like me too. Having been offered work by people that turned out to be... lets just say not what they appeared to be and seemed to have a hidden agenda i would just like to say dont let perspective models be put off just remember to be carefull.

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31 October 2010 23:33
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Why has this thread risen like some undead creature to lurk in the middle of the homepage?

I may as well do it. I'm gonna get blamed for it anyway.

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01 November 2010 00:41
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It's a zombie and it is Halloween!

Locked : The witching hour has passed and dawn is breaking.

Regards, George

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