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Holly Baverstock is off-line
06 September 2009 11:09
Make-up Artist
United Kingdom

Hi everyone

Just after a bit of advice really.

I feel my 'thing' is commercial hair and make-up so would like toreally strive in this part of the industry. I feel my portfolio is onits way to being pretty good but could be better, so want to make thisstronger too with some more tests. I have been in the industry forabout 2 years now so have quite a good bit of experience and know howit all works.

I was wondering how it is best to get more published work? Even justsmall catalogue work or something? I know its all about meeting theright people and networking etc, but I wondered if anyone knew anyother ways of getting into that kind of thing? I know writing to andphoning magazine picture editors etc is one of the options, but ifthere's anything else that I'm not doing, please tell me!!

Thank you!!

Holly xx

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