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the grimsby/ cleethorpes slang dictionary/translator , just trying to help you understand me haha

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25 July 2009 19:30
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The Concise Grimmo n Meggies Dictionary

Afar from exhausting collection of Grimbarian slang, vocabulary anddialect! (Only those with local knowledge, know the hilarity of it!)

Ahhh Kid (sometimes our kid) - meaning "Our Kid' as in 'My/Your Brother

Any'road - Anyway

Bags' Ball
uncharitableterm for Wednesday nights at Cleethorpes Winter Gardens, when localtradition was once for sexually underutilised young men to relievetheir frustrations with women of scandalous seniority


barrer job
workdone for cash in hand by dishonestly using boss's tools and materials;eg. Me mate works for NTL - he'll fit you a digibox as a barrer job!

like boke if you're from Caistor



benny on, get a
become angry; see also monk on

Bitbin - waste paper basket/ bin

term of endearment for a friend or family member; eg. We off up town tonight, Blue?

Blundell Park
little-knownsporting arena located off the Grimsby Road - "behind McDonalds", asthe flyer for a sale of electronic consumer goods held there in 1995deemed it necessary to explain

Cleethorpes Boating Lake

a poo; eg. I fell ovver the hoover in the middle of last night when I got up for a bob!

Bof - an intellectual person, usually refering to a nerd!

Bog - toilet / Iconic is a naughty person ter

vomit, esp. at the back of a coach on a school trip; retch dryly without vomiting

bomb out
transitiveverb: fail without warning to fulfil a social engagement; eg. We wassupposed to be playing togger down the Ploggers but me mates bombed usout!


bommy night
Guy Fawkes' night


the bizarre and probably obsolete childhood practice of pulling buds from rosebushes and throwing them at the windows of houses

deeplymysterious, not to say worrying, term of simultaneous endearment andabuse used by Grimsby parents addressing young children; eg. Now then,buggerlugs! Eat all that lovely fish or you'll get a clip round thelughole!

COMFORT = Yorkie tourist in meggies (Cleethorpes), com'for't'day... com 'for'day, stay'for'week!

rubbish; eg. Town's defence is absolute celter!

Chav- usually young teenagers hanging round the shops and precinct, wearingcaps and 'towny' clothing (reebok pinstripes, trackie bottoms, reebokclassic trainers, bottom of trousers tucked in their socks!) quitearrogant and aggressive, always asking for a spare fag of the public!Usually hangs round in groups and listens to techno and hardcore!

chimney. Extensive research has now established that it isn't just my mum who says this

Chinney reckon - I don't believe you!

throw (verb)

chud; chuddy
chewing gum

derogatory term for unhealthy snack food taken between meals, usually used by your mum

throw (verb)

cob on
see monk on

distinctively Grimbarian abbreviation for Coronation Street, which is truncated by the rest of the Anglophone world to "Corrie"

Darl - short word for 'darling' usually used by chavs and townies (see description in this list)

Dead good - very good, excellent

Def, Def out - to freak out about something, be frightened

equallylethal and sickly beverage comprising lager, cider and blackcurrantcordial; less imaginatively referred to elsewhere as "snakebite andblack"

Dilly - stupid

Deffin / Deffing has to figuresomewhere, i never heard that for years till i spoke to someone fromgrimsby today. (by Helen Kemp)

Dicks - Headlice

idiot; contraction of NW England term divvy

does do
verbform described by linguists as "the Grimbarian double performative";most famous occurrence in GTFC 1997-98 season highlights video:McDermott won't keep that in... oh! He does do!

Dog - horrible woman

Dolly, the
The Dolphin, extinct pub on a corner near Cleethorpes marketplace; now 'Reflex', an 80s theme bar

down town
synonym for up town used by my little brother in his early teens to try and sound all cool and American

drop kids off at swiming pool - going for a Iconic is a naughty person

egging at back o' Doigs
largelyarchaic term signifying an act of futility but used for purposes ofevasion after speaker is interrogated as to their intentions ordestination; eg. Where was yer last night? responded to by Egging atback o' Doigs! (cf. on Eastenders, when somebody asks: "Where yagah-in' nah?" and the other person always replies: "Ahhht!") Egging wasthe act of collecting eggs from birds' nests (in the days when this wasboth legal and not considered morally dubious), while Doigs was aGrimsby shipyard, the surrounding area of which was bereft of wildlife;hence the futility of egging at the back of Doigs

Emmy, the
New Empire pub, Runswick Road, scene of excessive consumption of Double Diamond in formative days of this lexicographer

Fitties- area in cleethorpes near thorpe park with prefab buildings, usuallyowned/ rented by yorkshire folk who come for't day n stay for't week!(see description in this list)

Flyover, the
overpass on the A180 running parallel to the docks from Riby Square

Fill in / filling you in - to beat someone up

obscure team sport watched by inhabitants of other towns

FreemanStreet, trading thoroughfare that links Grimsby docks with the towncentre and has mirrored the commercial decline of the fisheriesaccordingly. In its heyday, returning trawlermen would drink theirentire wages between Riby Square and Hainton Square before gettinghome. Home of Freemo market, where products ranging from lamb filletsto slug pellets can be procured at competitive prices and variablequality

Iconic is a naughty person Wit - Stupid person

Gander - to have a look at

Gaza strip, the - pubs along the waterfront, known as Riverhead in the town centre

ged'ear - get over here

give me; give us

glag; glag alley
large marble

a look; eg. Giz a godge at yer glag alley!


gooseberries.I've just heard Ross Burden use this word on Ready Steady Cook and noway is he from Grimmo, but it's a nice one so I think we'll keep it inanyway

greb or greebo - is sum1 who listens to metallica, iron maiden the heavy stuff wears baggy jeans with chains
long dark hair

Grimsby.Current research suggests that the term emerged in the mid-1990s as ahumorous tribute to the townspeople's fondness for abbreviating wordsby taking the first syllable and adding the letter O (see Freemo, immo,Boato, etc)


Gulliver's,smallest nightclub in the world and on Tuesday nights Grimsby'senduring sole concession to 'alternative' music. Raised area of seatingopposite DJ booth, on the right as you go in, is known as Goth Corner,which is kind of self-explanatory

guts for garters, have your
staggeringlygruesome threat of punishment or retribution made mostly, again, byloving parents to young children (see also buggerlugs)

Homo - homosexual

'nthat' - meaning and that

I'm tellin - to grass someone up, usually used to grass someone up to a teacher in school or a parent

init'- meaning isn't it

Injectionfor life - mostly used when playing tag/ tiggy, meaning the personcannot be tagged anymore after that, they are protected, usually kidsplay!

immature; used in early teens to denouncebehaviour of peer and confer spurious sense of adulthood on speaker;eg. You're dead immo, you are, Greenie!

fidget (verb)

rural type, esp. hailing from the Lincolnshire flatlands south of Grimsby

sherbet; not a homophone of Marillion song, is pronounced to rhyme with KY; origins unknown


Iconic is a naughty person hell

lairy - (cheeky) as in "don't be so bloody lairy"

throw (verb)

lug; lughole
ear.For minor misdemeanours deemed not to justify having their guts forgarters, wayward children may be issued with a clip round the lughole

ill-humoured;irritable; arsey. By no means confined to North East Lincolnshire inits geographical reach, the term has nonetheless been given anamusingly Grimmo twist by the recent emergence of US tennis star MardyFish

schoolboy term signifying a horrible woman

me mam - my mother

Cleethorpes; originates from Meg's Island, an obsolete term for the area around Isaac's Hill

mell you in; mell your head in
inflict violence upon you

myself; eg. Well if you don't want yer goosegogs, I'll eat 'em all mesen!

small marble

Minger - a discusting person

Mint - really good

mollycoddeled - a word used to describe someone wrapped in cotton wool and spoilt rotten

monk on, have a
bemardy. The disaffected Grimbarian may alternatively elect to have a cobor a benny on, presumably in the same place the monk is worn

mooch - meaning to walk aimlessly without a target destination, go for a stroll

Neb/ nebby - used for a nosey person, they are often told to 'keep their neb out', and are referred to as 'nebby'.

Nowt - nothing

now then! - hello!

Nunny, the
Nunsthorpe,housing estate of ill repute in the south-west of Grimsby. Drugs,joyriding, all that caper. Many Grimbarians insist that the Nunny is noworse than some other areas but just gets all the bad press when theGrimsby Telegraph runs one of its 'Crime: Let's Misrepresent It'campaigns

style of dress and design suggesting poortaste, premature ageing and a hard life. See here for an unnecessarilydetailed explanation

Owt - anything, e.g. "do you want oat from the shop?"

going; eg. I'm off ovver to Ull tomorrer!


Pack it in - to tell someone to stop doing something

Paki Shop - Local Asian/ pakistanian run Grocer, people often mention that they are always on corners of streets!

packing up
packed lunch

pag / pagging
transitiveverb: to (illegally) take a passenger on one's pushbike in such aconfiguration that they occupy the saddle and hold onto one's hips forbalance while one pedals and steers from a standing position; eg. Ipagged him all the way from the Nunny! Also noun: the ride given inthis manner; eg. Pags are dead immo!

pallet, esp. when working in a factory that uses them

Peg/ Peg it - to run off really quickly. Often used after an act of crime, to run from police, etc - 'quick, peg it!'

piggyback ride

Ploggers, the
esotericbut universally employed vernacular for Hardy's Recreation Ground, analarmingly desolate patch of grass between Ladysmith Road andHumberstone Road

Precinct, the
alternative term for theFreshney Place shopping centre; predates its construction and hence notused by Grimbarians aged under 35

Punica - a juice drink that was tested for a short time in the Grimsby and Cleethorpes area.

Ron Ramsden's supermarket, eg. Me mam used to work in Rammies!

erroneouslybelieve oneself to be hard; attempt to propagate such a belief. Alsoreckoner: one who reckons, eg. He's not hard - he's just a reckoner! Icobbed his packing up box ovver a wall and he started bealing!

right bobby dazzler, look a
appear smartly dressed and groomed, eg. You look a right bobby dazzler! Off up the Bags' Ball, are yer?


rose; roseeeey; rose on the nose (and not on the toes)
negates preceding assertion for wind-up purposes; see also stuh

Sanger - a sandwich

Scran - Food

skeff - for someone who is shabbily dressed and lives in a dump

seen me arse! - in a negative mood. Iconic is a naughty person ed off

Scartho,well-to-do suburb in the extreme south of Grimsby. Alternative 'posh'pronunciation SCAW-thoe is used exclusively to take the Iconic is a naughty person

swimming pool located on Scartho Road

Scoff - to eat very quickly

stray pieces of batter from fried fish supplied gratis by chippies with your chips

mild term of abuse believed by some to have originally signified a Danish fisherman

Iconic is a naughty person ter - toilet

Skids/ skidders - poo marks on underpants or knickers

Slash - urinate

amusement arcades, esp. along Cleethorpes seafront; derived from 'slot machines'


soz, Mum!
your strident and hectoring tone is becoming reminiscent of my mother's!

chewing gum; bubblegum

a convoluted account of events; eg. Butcher's match report is always a right stitherum!

stickleback,esp. when seeking to catch them from Chapman's Pond or the Boating Lakeusing a flimsy net purchased cheaply on the seafront. Male sticklebackthat have acquired high colour during the mating season are known bysome as red doctors. Well, probably just by me and the lad I used to gofishing with when we were kids, actually

negatespreceding assertion as per Wayne's World-style not; used byschoolchildren in 1980s for purposes of mockery and ridicule; eg. Nicepair of trainers, Greenie... stuh!


The ave - avenue

Towny- usually young teenagers hanging round the shops and precinct, wearingcaps and 'chavvy' clothing (reebok pinstripes, trackie bottoms, reebokclassic trainers, bottom of trousers tucked in their socks!) quitearrogant and aggressive, always asking for a spare fag of the public!Usually hangs round in groups and listens to techno and hardcore!

football as played in a park or recreation ground


Top Town
areain Grimsby town centre, boundaries of which remain the subject offurious debate among Grimbarians. I always thought it was the bitaround the Bull Ring but am bound to get 50 scrillion emails arguingotherwise. Home of Top Town Market, an alternative to Freemo marketthat also sells used Mills & Boon novels and pieces of foam rubber

formerroute of Grimsby-Louth railway, widely used (albeit probably illegally)as a convenient pedestrian shortcut and secluded area for illicitdrinking and drug use, between December 1980, when the line was closed,and the mid-1990s, when the traino was obliterated by the Peaks Parkwaysection of the A16, opened to traffic in October 1998 (but it doesn'tlook much like a park to me, unless it's one with cars instead of trees)

past tense and past participle of treat; eg. I went round me Nan's and she tret us to some spoggy!

trowsies - trousers

Trump - fart

twag; twag it; twagging it
play truant, usually meaning a false sick day off school

Yorkshire city situated opposite Grimsby on the estuary of the Umber; see also Yorkie

river upon whose estuary Grimsby is situated; often mistakenly called the sea

up town
remaining area of Grimsby town centre not covered by the term Top Town

used as first-person singular as well as plural; eg. I went round me Nan's and she tret us to some spoggy!

yourself; eg. You off ovver to Ull by yersen?

indefinite but lengthy period of time; eg. I haven't been to Wonderland for yonks! Again, not exclusive to Grimmo, but I like it

native of Yorkshire - representative of the outside world and hence a figure to be feared and maligned

Bez- to travel fast, particularly on a bike ("You should'a seen us bezzin' down the hill!")

Oppen- open, the "o" sound is shortened in a similar fashion to "ovver".

Tiggy- game which in the rest of the English speaking workd is called "tag".

Trackie-a game of group catch played by schoolchildren and teenagers, theobjective is to catch all the members of the opposing team and "tig"them. They then join your team. This carries on until only one personis left, and that person is the winner.

Wazz - Slash/ Urinate
Yeller - yellow

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Don't you think you should learn English in stead of us all (and I'm sure I can speak as a collective here) having to learn your language.

Quite amusing idea though!!

25 July 2009 19:34

Um... Wow that is a long post! I got to 'B' before giving up...
...but what do I know, I'm an "alternative" photographer.

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lol just to help untill i get to the '' proper english '' stage haha emoticon
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a couple of Grimsby's finest?

26 July 2009 05:06

Quote from endan
a couple of Grimsby's finest?

emoticon I had to buy it straight from Itunes it made me giraffe so much!!

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27 July 2009 22:52

sorry but I didn't waste valuable minutes of my life reading all that! But during my rapid scan I did notice the entry under "P" for an Asian shop. That term is not considered acceptable in today's world so I just think you should consider deleting it as it is likely to upset a few people...

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argh, political correctness!

28 July 2009 05:35

Quote from endan
argh, political correctness!

Not saying I necessarily agree with it. In fact a lot of 21st century PC nonsense gets right up my nose! But that's the world we live in now and people have to be careful about what they say. But judging by the amount of childish behaviour that goes on in these forums I doubt people will bother!

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