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Doom and gloom, now time for some fun

24 June 2009 15:19
Make-up Artist

Ok folksies,

Now we are all MMM_WOW is a naughty person ed off with working for nothing, being undercut and undervalued, and thats on a good day, so now a bit of time for us us , me time, time to let the hair down and get creative.

For all those that bodypaint , all those, that want to learn come and have some fun with the best in the world this a blatant plug for the Welsh International Face and bodypainting festival

Come along and compete in a fun filled atmosphere or just soak up the learning with the worlds best.

All levels from rank beginner to world champions all welcomeemoticon


Vanessa Wayne is off-line
08 July 2009 14:54

United Kingdom

I hope to be there!

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