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Being told £25 per hour is expensive. Excuse me?!

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20 June 2009 16:02

Hey there Leanne,

I just looked at your port and £25/hour is very reasonable, I would glady pay that (if I had the funds to), and i agree with everyone else, you should be charging more really. If the person doesn't want to pay that amount then they are obviously not worth your time; and clearly don't want to put all they can into creating the image they want.
Who wants to get creative and make some art??

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20 June 2009 16:04
United Kingdom

Quote from LeanneMakeUp
So, a photographer contacts you quite last minute and asks your rates. You reply with £25 per hour. No special deals seeing as it's so last minute.

They reply quite grumpily and acting like £25 per hour is waaaaay expensive and as though no make-up artist should be charging it.

I am quite frankly annoyed. I have come across alot of make-up artists whom charge £25 per hour as a basic rate.

Anyone else had this problem and feel rather offended!?

i only wish i could find a great MUA like you for £25.00 an hour i think the photographer must of been mad not to use your talents in the past i have paid up to £50 an hour  some people are never happy  you stick to your guns ,a good MUA work can make a photograph

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22 June 2009 03:52
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Quote from ClaireShipman
wheres my invite Karen

LOL but you are on the VIP guest list Claire !!!
But Gaynor we will have to do a TFA  party where everyone brings their own drinks.... emoticon we can't afford to stand the cost if we don't get paid LMAO

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25 June 2009 07:41
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United Kingdom

hi peeps,

just a quick note to say,

25.00 ph is very cheap us muas are worth more . And as Claire said we spend 1000s on amazing kit, products and equipment only using the best of the best because we know YOU GET WHAT U PAY FOR!!

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