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ID Number:250537
Member type:Model
Country:United Kingdom
Status:Semi Professional
Will Accept:Paid work only
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:08 December 2013
Last Updated:16 November 2015
Last Login:06 November 2017
Hair Length:Short
Weight:135lbs (61kg)
Height:66in (5' 6") (167cm)
Bust/Chest:32in (81cm)
Cup Size:C
Waist:26in (66cm)
Hips:36in (91cm)
Skin Colour:White
Shoe Size:9.5in
Dress Size:10



lo!; behold!


Hey! I'm Eleanor, and I like to model. I'm happy from portrait to erotica, and I am comfortable in or out of a studio. I also drive, so the back end of nowhere is no issue - let's go on an adventure! I practise martial arts (MMA and karate) four nights a week, which means I am toned and stronger than I look. I frequently travel between Kent and London and will happily drive all over Kent, Essex and further afield if my travel costs are covered.

My look:

I have a short pixie cut, clear pale skin (no tattoos or piercings), and a slim but curvy physique. My hair colour is usually black but varies on occasion - currently it is dark red. Pictures will always be provided if you want my most up-to-date look and I am willing to change my hair colour for a specific look given enough notice.

Booking me:

When you book me, I will bring:

A bagful (or two, or three...) of fashion, lingerie and killer shoes. I will ask you want you want me to bring beforehand and I will bring it - likely with a whole bunch of other stuff to see if it catches your fancy!
My hair and make up done competently. Again, I will ask what you prefer before the shoot, but I'll also bring my make up bag and am willing to make several adjustments and changes during the shoot if required. I also love to work with MUAs and in this case will turn up fresh-faced ready for make up.
Willingness to go an adventure! Whilst working in a studio is great, I have done plenty of location shoots in cold, uncomfortable and occasionally nettle-y places, and I am willing to get my hands dirty for a great shot.
Ability to pose with or without direction. I like posing freely but direction is very welcome too, and I like to try weird and wonderful ideas - don't be afraid to make suggestions!
Patience. I'll hold a pose as long as necessary or try it again and again until you get the image you're happy with.
I enjoy working with both beginners and experienced photographers.

Rates and levels:

£30/hr for all levels (I work up to erotica - if you're unsure whether I'm okay with a certain pose or image, just ask). I only accept TF work if I feel you would benefit my portfolio, and between time constraints and travel costs, I cannot afford to do too much of this, so please don't be offended if I say no or offer my rates. Part TF may be possible, please ask!

I am a driver and willing to travel.

Reviews from other members

Liteangle recommends EleanorSupersonic
Added by Liteangle on 30 December 2015, shoot arranged for December 2015

This was my last shoot of the year and I couldn't have chosen a better to model to finish the year. It's almost two years since I last worked with Eleanor, far too long! And how she has improved as a model in the past two years:)

Jan 2014
This was only Eleanor's third nude shoot but you would never know it, she was very relaxed, composed and uninhibited throughout. She has a natural elegance and poise as she thoughtfully moved from one pose to the next. For half the shoot we used a projector to illuminate her skin and she was very patient while I fiddled with the projector. Earlier we worked outdoors and she was tough enough to tolerate the cold without complaint.

Eleanor has a lovely figure for art nude and has a very pretty expressive face. She is a committed young lady - she drove a three-hour round trip for the shoot. She is very intelligent, reliable and pre-shoot communications were excellent so I had no doubt she would turn up. I'm very keen to work with her again.
Lenz recommends EleanorSupersonic
Added by Lenz on 30 December 2013, shoot arranged for December 2013

Eleanor is one of those rare 'stand out from the crowd' Models and although I have concentrated on working with just three special Models during the course of 2013, I simply had to arrange a Photoshoot with Eleanor as she is, in my opinion, a unique person.

Eleanor is a very honest and professional young lady whose communications were exemplary, she arrived 20 minutes early and worked tirelessly without complaint.

I am personally thrilled with the results of our efforts today and sincerely hope to work with Eleanor again, soon! Highly recommended.
thestarglider recommends EleanorSupersonic
Added by thestarglider on 09 December 2013, shoot arranged for December 2013

I worked with Eleanor twice, the most recent a couple of days ago, and both times I have been extremely happy with the results!

She can move from one pose to the next, and her looks and figure are absolutely stunning! The most recent shoot was her first time working to topless levels, not that you would've thought so, as she just got straight into it and again the images are just fantastic.

I highly recommend working with Eleanor, and I will be booking her again very soon!
Artistic Nude
Added: 03 February 2014
Title: Line Me Up
Copyright: Liteangle
Photographer: Liteangle
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Added: 16 November 2015
Copyright: Arrow Photography London
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Added: 03 March 2015
Title: Brace yourself
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Added: 09 December 2013
Copyright: Starglider Photography
Photographer: thestarglider
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Glamour Nude
Added: 03 March 2015
Title: Dance, dance
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Added: 03 November 2014
Photographer: thestarglider
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Added: 16 November 2015
Copyright: Regardez-moi
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Added: 16 November 2015
Copyright: BuddyGB
Photographer: Buddygb
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Copyright: Saint Images
Photographer: SaintImages
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