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Donald Gibbs

Donald Gibbs

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ID Number:192064
Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Level:No Experience
Work Preference:Fashion
Date Joined:20 August 2010
Last Updated:06 June 2016
Last Login:29 August 2017
Now retired and no longer shooting

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KarenR recommends Donald
Added by KarenR on 17 January 2014, shoot arranged for January 2014

Wow had the most amazing shoot with Donald yesterday at his home. I finally got the chance to shoot with him and the wait was worth it. Donald produces fantastic images, some of the best I have seen. From the moment I arrived the hospitality was lovely and I found Donald to be such a warm and friendly guy.
The evening flew by as it always does when you are having fun. I cannot recommend Donald enough and I definitely hope to shoot with him in the near future.
Barbie_Princess recommends Donald
Added by Barbie_Princess on 17 October 2013, shoot arranged for October 2013

Shot with donald last night, wicked sense of humour-my cup of tea guy to work with. Excellent images and talented flare, highly recommended x
zuikene recommends Donald
Added by zuikene on 02 September 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

I had a fantastic time working with Donald on my studio weekend shoot at the Yorkshire Studios !
It's so lovely to see same wonderful people after my return into the UK. One of the most enjoyable shoot, since I am back !
First, I was shooting with Donald few years ago, when he was just starting models photography and now I can see how much he improved in taking quality images, getting creative ideas, willing to experiment and still remain an absolutely wonderful person to chat with and very professional to work with !
Very productive shoot and the most pleasant one !
Can't recommend Donald highly enough to every model and if he choose you to work with, you are a very lucky one, as he treats models like a queens :)
Hope to have some more enjoyable shoots together sometime soon !

Thank you - Strawberries queen
Tina Kay. xxx
Abigail_elise recommends Donald
Added by Abigail_elise on 27 June 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

Had group shoot with Donald last night he was lovely person to work with and polite :) would recommend any model to work with him it was a pleasure look forward to the next shoot x
KatieAnna recommends Donald
Added by KatieAnna on 29 March 2013, shoot arranged for March 2013

I had a fantastic shoot with Donald yesterday.
He is an excellent photographer to work with. He has great ideas, lighting is spot on and he produces some stunning images. I'm very pleased to have worked with him again.
Highly recommended
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Donald Gibbs
Added: 18 September 2012
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Donald Gibbs
Added: 19 January 2015
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Donald Gibbs
Added: 02 August 2014
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