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Damian Ryan

Damian Ryan

ID Number:207530
Member type:Photographer
City:Nr Southampton
Country:United Kingdom
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:20 May 2011
Last Updated:14 August 2013
Last Login:09 August 2016
Hi, thanks for taking the time to read this.
I’ve been doing a bit of model photography since April 2011 and still enjoying it immensely!

To date (Sept 2012) I have worked with 8 models over 13 shoots as listed below
Jess – 2 shoots –
Mandy – 1 shoot –
Elle Black – 4 shoots –
MissV26 – 2 shoots –
Olaa – 1 shoot -
Lou - 1 shoot -
Harley Page - 3 shoots -
Sarah - 1 shoot -

I always give the model a disc of all the images taken at our shoot (assuming she wants them) as well as any that I subsequently tweak and I have no issues whatsoever with the model using them in their own portfolios should they wish to as long as I’m credited in them somewhere…..

Moving forward I would like to try to work with as many models as possible in order to gain as much experience as possible so should you be a model that is local to me (say 50 miles of Southampton) I would love to hear from you in order to look at arranging a shoot sometime.

Take care & stay safe

Ultimately I would like to do some fine art photography but I still have some way to go so in the meantime I'm looking for local models, preferably experienced (which I'm happy to pay for their time) or perhaps even beginner models so we could benefit each others folios, that are happy to work with me up to implied nude but this is not a requirement for a first shoot with a model.

I'd like to think that whether I'm working with an experienced or beginner model, we can produce images that we're all happy with and therefore right now, to make sure the model is comfortable with our shoot, themes and levels I leave down to the model.

Reviews from other members

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claire_marie27 recommends Damian_Ryan
Added by claire_marie27 on 25 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

Had a great first shoot with Damian he is a genuinely nice guy made sure I was ok throughout the shoot. Pre comms with excellent, looking forward to seeing finished results, would definitely work with him again, highly recommended
Elle_Black recommends Damian_Ryan
Added by Elle_Black on 19 October 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

SEPTEMBER - Yet another wonderful shoot. Damian is cool, fun, creative, and brilliant at correspondence. I absolutely love working with him and hope to again and again!

APRIL - Another amazing shoot with Damian. We have managed to build a fantastic rapport and artistic flow that once it starts flowing - really flows! ( ; He is always striving to improve and succeeding at a very high speed. He managed to use only available light in many varied states of change - amazingly. The images speak for themselves. Altogether a wonderfully fun shoot yet professional and extremely creative. Very highly recommended!
HarleyPage recommends Damian_Ryan
Added by HarleyPage on 16 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

I had a great 2nd shoot with Damian on friday. We got some very different images to our first shoot and experimented with some new ideas. Damian pays a lot of attention to detail to get a specific shot. Once again he was easy to work with and we are now arranging our 3rd shoot.

Had a great shoot with Damian at my home today. Excellent communication and very professional. He made me feel very comfortable throughout our shoot and I think the results speak for themselves. I recommend Damian 100% and think we will be working together a lot in future! Watch this space. Thanks Damian xx
MissV26 recommends Damian_Ryan
Added by MissV26 on 11 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Had a great shoot with Damian AGAIN yesturday! Hes such an easy going lovely photographer and would recommend him to any model... Thanks D had a great time! :-)
Olaa recommends Damian_Ryan
Added by Olaa on 03 November 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Very nice, easy going person to work with. Creative and open for new ideas.
I hope to work with hem again someday soon.
Thank you :)
Artistic Nude
Damian Ryan
Added: 02 October 2012
Model(s): Elle_Black
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Damian Ryan
Added: 01 October 2012
Model(s): Elle_Black
Comments: 1
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Damian Ryan
Added: 28 September 2012
Model(s): Elle_Black
Comments: 2
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Damian Ryan
Added: 21 April 2012
Title: Light
Model(s): Elle_Black
Comments: 1
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Damian Ryan
Added: 24 October 2011
Model(s): Elle_Black
Comments: 5
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Damian Ryan
Added: 30 July 2011
Model(s): Bella27
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Damian Ryan
Added: 26 May 2011
Model(s): Natural_happy_girl
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Damian Ryan
Added: 13 August 2012
Model(s): HarleyPage
Comments: 2
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Damian Ryan
Added: 23 November 2011
Model(s): Bella27
Comments: 1
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