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Rachelle Summers

Rachelle Summers

ID Number:194477
Member type:Model
Region:Tyne and Wear
Country:United Kingdom
Level:Very Experienced
Will Accept:Paid work only
Work Preference:Fashion
Date Joined:03 October 2010
Last Updated:24 January 2016
Last Login:11 March 2018
Hair:Light Brown
Hair Length:Shoulder Length
Weight:91lbs (41kg) (6.5st)
Height:60in (5' 0") (152cm)
Bust/Chest:30in (76cm)
Cup Size:C
Waist:24in (60cm)
Hips:28in (71cm)
Skin Colour:White
Shoe Size:3in
Dress Size:6
I have reduced my membership on Purestorm due to me not using it as much as I used to. The result being that my portfolio on here is now very limited. If you would like to see more of my work please visit my official website -

- Can shoot from home for anyone interested. I have a 4 bedroom house so plenty of space/areas to shoot, and can use the garage too for a brick wall background.
- I will need an invoice signed. If you are not happy signing one then I'm afraid I won't be able to work with you as without it I don't have proof of earnings for my tax return. I am happy to provide invoices/receipts upon request.
- If you require me to travel to you for a shoot I am happy to do as long as my expenses are covered. Most the time this will be via train as it tends to be easier but I am happy to drive within reason. I have a young persons railcard which gets me 1/3 off train travel!
- If I have booked train tickets out of my own pocket in advance of the shoot these will need covered in event of cancellation regardless of whether I find a replacement or not. Hopefully you can understand that this is only because I can't afford to be left out of pocket every time a shoot is cancelled as pre-booked trains can't be refunded.
- This is my full time job and my only source of income, therefore once we have a shoot confirmed if you cancel there will be a cancellation fee of 50% of the agreed rate. No shows/Late cancellation (2 days before a local shoot or within a week of one of my tours) will require full payment as this last minute I would struggle to replace the time you had booked. Obviously by the same token if I ever cancelled I would of course expect the same rules to apply in covering any costs you have incurred.

21st - 26th July
2 hours remaining on Wednesday 22nd

5th - 9th August
Half day available on Friday 7th (Location available)

15th - 20th August
Availability remaining on 14th, 15th and 19th (have a hotel to work from too)

No tattoos.
Only piercings I have are my ears and my belly (can be removed upon request).
Natural breasts.
I am known for having very clear skin as have no scars and do not suffer from spots/dry skin. However in the summer when working on location shoots I am prone to bites so please be aware of this when booking me.

Per hour £40
Half day £140
Full day £250
- On studio days slots will be sold by my hourly rate, discounted rates do not apply.
- Discounted rates do not apply to website content/fetish work, please contact me to enquire about these.

Up to tasteful nude - to save confusion this means no pink bits :)
Happy to work with female models but nothing that requires a health certificate.
Light erotic work is fine but nothing explicit, just because I shoot erotic themed nudes does not mean open leg.
Also happy to work for fetish sites but please explain what is required prior to booking me so I can decide if I am happy with it as fetish is a huge genre so please don't assume I will be happy shooting the specific fetish you want to shoot.

There will be no form of open leg - ever! I do like to be creative with poses so understand accidents happen, however I only work to nude so if this does happen then the image must NOT be used. This is something you automatically agree to when booking me.

If you need any information that I haven't already covered then feel free to get in touch :)

Reviews from other members

There are 187 positive recommendations for ChaosOfTrouble Click here to read them all
swalsh58 recommends ChaosOfTrouble
Added by swalsh58 on 18 April 2016, shoot arranged for April 2016

Rachelle is one of the best there is. She is professional, hard working and very easy to get along with. Time spent with her is a pleasure, and it just flies. She is extremely experienced and patient, and can offer really helpful suggestions if required, in short she is expert at what she does. To top it all, she has the body of an Godess, the face of an angel and the sweetest personality you could possibly wish for. I cannot recommend her enough, she is worth her weight in gold.
wq0pco recommends ChaosOfTrouble
Added by wq0pco on 11 April 2016, shoot arranged for April 2016

Having wanted to shoot with Rachelle for some time, I finally got the chance to as part of a small group shoot at Harbour Studio tonight.

All of the positive feedback on her profile is fully justified, as well as being totally natural (which is what I like), Rachelle is such a bubbly, professional model who needs no direction whatsoever. I must also say she has the most wonderful, pleasant nature.

She can't be faulted and I hope to arrange a solo shoot with her myself in the near future, once her busy schedule permits me to do so.

10 out of 10 from me.
david1500 recommends ChaosOfTrouble
Added by david1500 on 31 August 2015, shoot arranged for August 2015

Another shoot with the lovely Rachelle , stunning looks wonderfull personality , flawless poses , one of the best models in the country , thank you David
para recommends ChaosOfTrouble
Added by para on 17 February 2015, shoot arranged for February 2015

I can't believe it's nearly 2 years since I last worked with Rachelle and again words fail me other than awesome,for me the buzz is back

Added by para on Saturday, March 09, 2013, shoot arranged for March 2013

Absolutely outstanding,awesome,amazing,words do not do Rachelle justice.This is one time I wish I had a better command of the English language to do Rachelle justice

Rachells images say far more than I ever can, other than, what a way to spend a day.Down to earth and a joy to work with

I'd also like to add,Rachelle was doing a tour of London but had no problems in jumping the train and heading up to Diss in darkest Norlfolk for a days shoot,to me that says a lot

If you haven't yet worked with Rachelle,do so you won't be disappointed
AlanW recommends ChaosOfTrouble
Added by AlanW on 10 November 2014, shoot arranged for November 2014

My first shoot with this stunning young lady and hopefully not the last, a lovely personality and a great sense of fun with wide selection of outfits, the time just flies by, longer shoot next time me thinks.
Rachelle Summers
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Rachelle Summers
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Rachelle Summers
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Rachelle Summers
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Rachelle Summers
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Rachelle Summers
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Rachelle Summers
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Rachelle Summers
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